Why Hire a Pet Waste Removal Company?

“Why would someone hire a pooper scooper?”

“Do people really need a pet waste removal service?”

“Why would I pay someone to pick up dog poop, when I can do it myself?”

Sometimes we’re challenged with these type questions, and we welcome the dialogue, because in fact, many folks do need us. Our long-term and loyal customers hire Pet Domestic for all kinds of great reasons:

  • Changing wormers if the one you are using does not seem to be working
  • Business requirement for dog boarders with up to 20-30 dogs
  • Disabled and need a hand with a tough manual chore
  • Property includes steep inclines and may be difficult to walk
  • Frequently entertain and want their space ready for guests
  • Own investment property and need to maintain neighborhood value
  • Commercial property (HOA, apartments, townhome community) has common spaces which owners want clean and stocked with bags
Do any of these sound like you? Still not convinced?

Many of our customers could, and did, pick up after their dog for years, but are eager to reclaim more of their free time. What sounds better to you after a long day: scooping up dog poop or relaxing, knowing your yard is clean for your kids and dogs?

We like to think Pet Domestic isn’t in the pet waste removal industry. Rather, we’re in therelaxation business. We provide peace of mind along with a “checked-off the to-do list” sense of satisfaction.

Our rates are especially reasonable when you think of all the benefits. Do you sometimes decline having friends or family over due to a problem lawn? Does the thought of all the cleaning necessary before your guests arrive make you cringe?

We’ve got you covered! Pet Domestic comes on the same day each week, so you know when your cleaning will happen. You come home to a bright white tag on the door knob on your service day, so you know your yard is clean and ready to go!

Do you remember that time you caught your kids in the yard cleaning up after the dog, then doing all their chores and getting in bed by 8pm? HA! That’s not reality.

Well we specialize in real life, and offer a simple solution to the problem of “Whose turn is it to clean up after the dog?” Let’s face it, dogs are so lovable, but they are messy!Pet Domestic gives you the best of both worlds, with all the dog and none of the mess.

You may just find you didn’t know how much you disliked the chore once you hire us.  We’re a no-contract, 100% guaranteed service. Why not try out our services for a month?

Sign up today for less time cleaning, more time relaxing! Free instant quotes for your specific yard.

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