Pet Domestic scholarship

Pet Domestic Scholarship


At Pet Domestic, we value our neighbors and helping contribute to the overall health of the community. We also believe deeply in education and know the hardship of expenses related to higher education can be for students and their families. We would like to help contribute to deserving students in a small way. Here we are offering a $1000 scholarship to assist with undergraduate or higher studies at an accredited United States university.

What is the topic?

To apply for our Spring 2018 scholarship, submit a 500+ word essay on the following topic:

55 million of American homes own a dog, and *all* of them poop!

One gram of canine waste contains up 23 million fecal coliform bacteria and can spread diseases like Salmonella and Giardia. Further, dog waste constitutes up to 20% of bacteria in urban waterways. Many dog owners know to pick up their dog’s droppings, but some still don’t.

What steps should communities take to reduce the amount of dog waste left behind?

What are the requirements?

The application requirements are as follows:

  • Student must have atleast 3.0 GPA
  • Essays to be received by March 15, 2018 12pm EST.
  • Applications should be emailed to Pet Domestic in word format (.docx / .doc).
  • Applicants should include name, address and phone number.
  • The applicant should mention school they are currently attending or planning to attend in submission email.

How do I win the scholarship?

Once the application deadline has arrived, essays will be judged and reviewed based on applicant’s ability to:

  • Create a compelling and thoughtful argument
  • Offer creative and persuasive suggestions
  • Respond to the question
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and style

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and helping winners meet their educational needs. The winner of the Spring 2018 scholarship will be announced by May 1, 2018. To contact Pet Domestic, call us today at (571) 295-6867.

Past Winners


Congratulations to Jordan B. Warner, who is 2018’s winner of the Pet Domestic Scholarship. He is currently studying Landscape Architecture at City College of New York (a CUNY school)

See Jordan’s essay here!