Pet Waste Removal Service – McLean VA

Hiring a residential pet waste removal service offers McLean residents a professional cleaning at the DC area’s best prices. Schedules around the beltway are always hectic and working your job, taking care of the family, and keeping a tidy home are sometimes impossible. Couldn’t you use a little help?

Pet Domestic steps in to help keep your yard clean, while taking away the stress of hiring outside help. Perhaps you’ve had another service and had a bad experience? We’re here to reassure you with our friendly and professional service. Your sign up means your dogs and lawn will be cared for, 100% guaranteed.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

McLean is not just your home, it’s our home too! With a service company, location matters. That’s why in McLean, we can offer weekly, twice weekly, and even three times per week service for this area. Our customers love their dogs and love the satisfaction of coming home to a clean yard with locked gates every time.


No contracts, No commitments

We aim to give you the best value for money by offering our services as needed. If you will be out of town, we pause your service and your billing. We know how tough some other companies can be when trying to cancel. Not us! We are an honest company that only charges for work we do.


We Love Dogs!

All Pet Domestic cleaning techs love dogs, so you can confidently leave them in the yard on our cleaning days. Have you been told by another pet waste removal company that your dog is, “too much to handle?” We respect and understand when a dog is territorial and look forward to establishing rapport. They’ll feel safe and secure with us.


Service Area

We proudly serve all of McLean and surrounding Langley, Chain Bridge, Pimmit Hills and Falls Church.


About Us

Who are we? Pet Domestic Pet Waste Removal is based in McLean, VA and serves the Washington, DC area. Our owner-operator was born and raised in the area, and is proud to help keep our lawns and waterways more clean. Pet Domestic is a locally focused small business. We are firstly responsible to our core group of regular customers.



We offerflat rate pricingalong with the best service. Our rates are competitive with any other company’s and if you find a better deal, we will happily meet it. Pet Domestic provides pet waste removal better than any other!



Too many “service” companies put you through 30+ minute waits just to speak to a customer service representative halfway around the world. Crazy isn’t it? Pet Domestic offers support through a progressive “pick up the phone” method. We are also always connected to our customers through lightning-quick email response. Try it and see for yourself!



We’re confident we can make any dog-owner happy, and proactively work to solve issues before they happen. If for any reason you aren’t 100% happy with our service, we will fix the problem immediately. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll issue a full refund. We stand behind our work.


Year-round Clean

We work in the hot summer, the cold winter, and everything in between. We love being outside. We clean in the tough weather so McLean families and dogs have a clean and healthy lawn available. We only postpone our schedule for dangerous conditions, and work immediately to get back on schedule when safe.



Payment information security is extremely important to us. Online payments are secure and processed with SSL security. We accept all major forms of credit and debit through Stripe and can accept credit cards on site.

Ethan is the owner-operator of Pet Domestic Pet Waste Removal, the highest-rated service of its kind in the Washington, DC area. Read more
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