How to Keep Your Dog Safe this Halloween


Read our 5 Halloween safety tips for your pet pooch.

1: Avoid Chocolate

What’s better than some tasty chocolate treats this Halloween? 

Almost anything if you’re a dog!

Chocolate contains the methylxanthinesTheobromine and caffeine which can be very dangerous to our four-legged friends. Canines metabolize methylxanthines much slower than humans, which leads to toxicity in the blood stream. Contact your vet immediately if you detect hyperactivity, tremors, high blood pressure, or rapid heart rate in your pooch as these are symptoms of chocolate poisoning.

Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are especially toxic because they carry the highest concentrations of cocoa which contains these substances. White chocolate holds less of the chemicals, but all chocolate have very high fat content and will lead to stomach upset. Unfortunately dogs find the taste and smell of chocolate quite intriguing (who can blame them?) and can eat a lot if they find an unattended stash.  Steer clear!

2: Electricity

Electric Halloween displays can also pose a threat to pooches, so make sure yours aren’t nibbling on the wires or other sparky things.

Remember that house that gave out toothbrushes instead of candy?  Well now your dog can enjoy that, too!  Dental Chews

3: Costume

Take precautions when dressing up your little guy. Remember, they might not like their cute outfits as much as their parents.  In fact many dog hate costumes! Dangling items can be chewed and potentially swallowed. Always use precautions with anything snug-fitting, ensuring your pet can freely breathe and move.  A simple handkerchief tied loosely can give your pooch some flair without any danger.

4: Candles

Nothing is more “Halloween” than a flickering, dripping candle inside a Jack-o-Lantern, but make sure your pets look, but don’t touch! Curious sniffers can be in harm’s way with a real candle. Opt for a low-maintenance electric version which looks brighter and can be reused.

5: Identification

A lost dog is a sure way to ruin Halloween, so aim to do your outside celebrating before dark, and always have your pets properly ID’d.  It’s often the only way home for a lost and scared dog.

Ok, your doggies are avoiding chocolate, avoiding wires and candles, and have been wearing their safe costumes like good boys, right?  Time for a treat!

Courtesy of Gone to the Snow Dogs