Pet-Friendly Restaurants In Northern Virginia

dog in restaurant

Are you on the hunt for pet-friendly restaurants? Then you’re not alone! Tons of pet parents are on the lookout for restaurants that allow their pups to join them for a bite to eat. Thankfully, now you won’t have to double-check the restaurant’s pet policy before you head out for a delicious dinner. Instead, you can just use our list as a guide to help you find your new favorite eatery.

So, grab your fur baby’s harness and lead, because you won’t have to leave them behind anymore. They may even get to order their own meal off a dedicated menu if they’re lucky!

8 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants In Northern Virginia

1. Hamrock’s Restaurant

  • Address: 3950 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax

If you’re in Old Town Fairfax, do yourself a favor and head over to the historic Moore-McCandlish House. Here, you’ll find Hamrock’s Restaurant, which is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the whole of North Virginia!

This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio, so you can relax and unwind with a glass of wine in your hand and your pooch at your side. And, of course, a delicious meal in front of you! No matter what, you and your fur baby are guaranteed to have a good time here.

2. Lost Dog Cafe

  • Address: 5876 Washington Blvd, Arlington; 808 N Henry St, Alexandria; or 1690 Anderson Rd Suite A, McLean

Lost Dog Cafe has to be our favorite restaurant on this list. Not only are you bound to find tons of other dog owners here, but you’ll also be supporting an incredible cause!

Lost Dog Cafe supports the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, with the restaurant helping homeless animals find their perfect forever families. So, if you want to spend an evening eating amazing food, enjoying good vibes, and supporting their mission, then you’re going to want to book your table as soon as possible!

Oh, and did we mention their pizzas are to die for? And happy hour is a great time to socialize with other pet owners over a perfectly-crafted drink.

3. Wicket Door Pub

  • Address: 44921 George Washington Blvd, Ashburn

Wicket Door Pub is one of those rare places that you stumble upon one day and find yourself coming back to time and time again! And why wouldn’t you when you can bring your pup with you to a delicious dinner out on their patio? Your four-legged friend will even get its own menu, so they’re sure to feel like they’ve landed with their bums in the butter.

Everything at this restaurant is made in-house, which is what makes it truly special. They cure their own bacon, smoke their meat, and even grind their own burgers on-site. All of their sauces and dressings are lovingly prepared by their incredibly friendly staff.

When you come to Wicket Door Pub, you may be coming for the food, but you’ll stay for the dog-friendly environment. And don’t be surprised if the wait staff fawn over your fur baby. They love having the dogs around just as much as you love bringing them along!

4. Cafe Montmartre

  • Address: 1625 Washington Plaza N, Reston

Although it may sound a little strange to serve French dishes with a Vietnamese twist, there’s nothing quite like a meal at Cafe Montmartre! This dog-friendly restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating where you and your pup can hang out and enjoy some live music before chowing down on some of the most interesting – yet delicious – meals you’ll ever have.

Once you’re done at the restaurant, you can also take a leisurely walk along the waterfront. We know, we know – a simple walk can feel like a hike with your dog after a filling meal. But it’s absolutely beautiful here, and your pup will love all the smells and sounds.

5. Dogwood Tavern

  • Address: 132 W Broad St, Falls Church

If you’re in Falls Church and craving comfort food, we have just the place for you! Dogwood Tavern serves up juicy, mouth-watering burgers, ice-cold cocktails, and live music to set the tone for a great night out with your pet!

Their dog-friendly patio is the perfect spot for a laid-back evening, and there are usually plenty of other dog lovers who bring their furry companions along, too! So, if your pup wants to make new friends (or you want to connect with other paw parents to organize play dates at the local dog parks), then you won’t want to miss out on dining at Dogwood Tavern.

6. Fire Works Pizza

  • Address: 201 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg; or 2350 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington

Nothing goes hand-in-hand quite like craft beer and pizza. Except maybe enjoying an immaculate dinner with your pooch under the table! At Fire Works Pizza, they have an entire menu just for dogs!

So, while you’re digging into your delicious slices, your dog can enjoy some tasty treats, too. The outdoor patio is really cozy, but it can get a little chilly in the cooler months. Unfortunately, Fire Works Pizza doesn’t allow dogs inside. So, if you’re planning to come here with your pup, you may want to plan to come when the weather is a little warmer.

7. Lazy Dog

  • Address: 14333 Newbrook Dr, Chantilly; or 11963 Fair Oaks Mall Shop Center, Fairfax

Speaking of special menus just for dogs, Lazy Dog is another pet-friendly place with plenty for your pup to nibble on. Their outdoor patio has a lot of space for you and your dog to relax and enjoy a great meal together – and perhaps even meet other dogs and fur parents at the same time!

Whether you pick the pot roast or the BBQ bison meatloaf, the food here is absolutely mouth-watering. And we’re sure your dog will agree!

8. Clare and Don’s Beach Shack

  • Address: 130 N Washington St, Falls Church

What’s better than taking your dog with you to the beach? Taking them with you to a dog-friendly beach-themed restaurant, of course!

At Clare and Don’s Beach Shack, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finest seafood around. Oh, and if you’re not into fish (or meat at all, for that matter!), then they also have some fantastic vegetarian options.

Whether you’re coming for the seafood, the lively atmosphere, or the delicious specialty cocktails, you’re bound to have a great time. And it’s a total bonus that you get to bring your pup along for the experience!


Are pets allowed indoors or only on outdoor patios?

Generally, most dog-friendly restaurants allow dogs to be seated at their outdoor seating. This means that your pup won’t necessarily be able to escort you inside. So, if you’re planning on taking your pooch with you, you’re going to want to head out when the weather is mild enough for you to enjoy a meal outdoors.

Are there any specific rules or etiquette pet owners should follow?

While any restaurant that allows dogs will have their own set of rules, there are some basic unspoken ones to follow when it comes to proper dog etiquette.

Firstly, your dog should always be on a leash, well-trained, and well-behaved. This helps to make sure they don’t disturb other diners.

Additionally, (and this is a big one!), you should always pick up your pet’s waste and dispose of it properly. Although you can always hire a pooper scooper service when you’re at home, you’ve got to do all the heavy lifting when you’re out and about!

Lastly, you’ll also want to stick to the designated dog-friendly areas around the restaurant.

Final Thoughts

At Pet Domestic, we take pets seriously! So, every time we see a dog-friendly establishment, we can’t wait to share it with you!

But if you’re a restaurant owner or manager and want to ensure that your dog-friendly establishment stays neat and tidy, then why not check if your restaurant falls within our service areas? We offer you a proactive step towards making sure your customers are always satisfied – even when accidents happen. So be sure to get a quote from us today!